Rental service

With our extensive rental service we bring the accommodations worldwide online. All managed from 1 location. You also have the option to keep your own promotion on We can create 1 active iCal connection. An iCal is the digital booking agenda. We bring your object on more than 60 large channels that, like many others, also distribute this. Because of the method we use together with the active promotion, your Object will be seen many times more by interested targets. This results in more bookings. We can also promote your accommodation 365 days for rental with exception days for your own use.

How does it work

We use a commission of 10%. This commission does not include the expenses of the major channels. This varies in percentages for each channel. This results in your Object getting a different price everywhere, with the result that the search engines everywhere sees your accommodation as a different one. This makes you better found worldwide and not only with the largest channels.

I want one price everywhere!

This is also possible. You are less likely to be found but ... Your income therefore varies. You receive a higher rental amount from the channels with bearing commissions. So if your accommodation has a very good rental price compared to your rental environment, you will also generate more income.

Here a small overview with cumulative calculations

Channelname Your price incl. our 10% Consumer price
Booking 18% €110,00 €130,00
Airbnb 5% €110,00 €115,50
Flipkey 8% €110,00 €118,.00
Expedia 10% €110,00 €121,00
Item 5 €110,00 €130,00
These figures are cumulative

Meet our team

Nadia Aarnoudse

Our powerhouse of the administration who you can find also in the field.

Natascha van der Velden

Our strong strength within the organization that keeps an eye on everything.

Vladimir Kraljević

Our field agent with absolutely 2 right hands

John van der Velden

Our volunteer who blogs and puts every house on the map as a googleguide and in social media.