What if i want a fixed price??

Its very simple ... Just contact us and we contact your for a (facetime)meeting and we talk it over

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What if you need extra hands

  • Control within your object (s)

    During this check we open all windows, check all lights, we get all sinks, toilet and shower while we walk through. And make a visual check throughout the house for water or moisture damage

  • Swimming pool

    We can make the startup after the winter, but also the regular maintenance for salt and freshwater baths. Check the installations and values in the water

  • Garden

    These activities include lawn mowing, weeds, parking lot (s) free of weeds. But also prune trees.

  • House cleaning service

    We can provide a one-time or frequent cleaning. For example, consider cleaning when renting out.

  • Painting work

    We also have a professional painter in our team. We can also carry this out for you or assess your third-party offer.

  • Electrical installation

    We also do minor maintenance. Such as replacing groups or installing a security installation. or automate your house so that your house seems inhabited in the winter period

  • Car service

    You have a car that stays in Croatia. We can take care of the registration for you, but also the maintenance..

  • New plants

    Due to our close cooperation with some gardeners, we are one of the first to choose new crops. You will then arrive in a summer garden within your own chosen budget.

  • Home improvement

    We have several construction companies in our network. Each strong in its qualities. We can provide support and supervision in this