Who needs who?

We are a young company composed with multiple disciplines. With our years of experience in 5 star organizations we now decided to be there for you!

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Who can you compare us to?

It is very simple: take our rates x 3 and maybe you will find an equivalent company with our service.

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What do we do

  • Supervision

    If you are not in Croatia somebody has to check your house.

  • Check

    We can check your property during your absence and / or during rental

  • Your key

    We offer key management, invoices, mail or waste management

  • Storm season

    We check your house during these periods and we can do it indoors or outdoors. Water / moisture / humidity damage control.

  • Start season

    After many long days of work, you have time to visit your home and possibly prepare it for the season. We do that too!

  • Home maintenance

    Indoor or outdoor cleaning, painting, pool start-up / maintenance.

  • High efficiency rental

    Worldwide advertisement. At websites of more than 60 large organizations, 4 leisure search engines and at more than 2000 web portals. We check at every moment of the day whether your house can earn more.

  • Rent without limits

    You want to use your own home privately for a few weeks. No problem!

  • Commission

    Our commission is 10% in addition of the committees of the large organizations. Contact us for more explanation!

Meet our team

Nadia Aarnoudse

Our powerhouse of the administration who you can find also in the field.

Natascha van der Velden

Our strong strength within the organization that keeps an eye on everything.

Vladimir Kraljević

Our field agent with absolutely 2 right hands

John van der Velden

Our volunteer who blogs and puts every house on the map as a googleguide and in social media.